Rotary Club of Trail Procedures and Policies
Last revised date: 20-Feb-2016
Revised by: S. Daniels

Procedures and policies of the Rotary Club of Trail are a collection of traceable motions. These procedures and policies are subject to annual review by the board. No policy or procedure shall be deleted from this list. Removal shall be done by strikethrough, and revision by creation of a new procedure or policy with reference to the new and old procedure or policy.

# Date Key Word Procedure or Policy Reference
0005 2-Mar-2016 Scholarship SD 20 Alternative School Scholarship Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions
0004 9-Feb-2016 Financial Support Guidelines for Financial Support 9-Feb-2016 Directors Meeting
0003 25-May-2006 Insurance District 5080 Insurance Communication to Club President
0002 1-May-2006  Sexual Abuse Youth Exchange Club Policy & Procedure Directive RE: Sexual and Other Abuse  Rotary District 5080 Youth Exchange Policy
0001 30-Jan-2005 Foundation The first CDN$100 of Club member, annual contributions to the Rotary Foundation will be augmented to US$100. 30-Jan-2006 Executive/Directors' meeting