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Club Events by Year
2002 $8,000 was donated to Polio Plus this year. Events included carol festival, diamond raffle, silent auction, breakfast with Santa, dinner theatre, a hole-in-one shoot out, daffodil and tree planting, and a mystery bus tour. (more details)
2001 Donated $20,000 from the Erickson Trust Fund to the TRH for a new Wheelchair Van. Our club was represented by Elaine Overton on the GSE team to India. Celebrated our 75th Anniversary with a Banquet. Inducted a total of 20 new members: a distinction of being the #1 club in Zone 22 and in the top 100 in the world for membership growth.
2000 Rotary Park opened thanks in large part to the work of Marc Marcolin.
1999 Sponsored Castlegar Sunrise Club. KBS Radio Survey ranked the Trail Rotary Club as the Best Civic Club. Trail Club was also recognized for achieving 3rd place in the District 5080 Membership Growth Drive.
1998 Trail Club received a Presidential Citation for outstanding club participation in the Four Avenues of Service.
1997 George Swanson named Trail's Citizen of the Year. Local Rotary Clubs raised $3,000 for disabled athletes in the "Why Not Marathon". The Trial, Beaver Valley, and Rossland Clubs raised $85,420 for the Cancer Society Lodge Project in Kelowna.
1996 Cominco celebrated 100th year of operation in Trail. 5000 trees ordered for spring tree planting project.
1995 Proceeds from the Charity Ball donated to the Trail Regional Hospital. Hosted a GSE Team from England. Laurie Pettijohn initiated the fall Daffodil planting project. First female president of Trail Club : Linda McDermid.
1994 Rex McMeekin named Trail's Citizen of the Year. Donated $5,000 towards installation of automatic sliding doors to the Trail Regional Hospital. The Rivervale power line right of way was planted as part of the greening project. The City of Trail honored the Rotary Club with a nomination for a Canadian Environmental Achievement Award.
1993 3000 trees planted.
1992 20th anniversary of the Annual Tree Planting project.
1991 Trail Rotary sent an exchange student to Belgium and hosted a student from Germany. Trial Greening project began with the laying of 10,000 sp. ft. of sod.
1988 Rotary was a sponsor for the BC Championships for the physically disabled. Donated money to help establish an emergency response system for Trail seniors.
1987 Trail Rotary sponsored Business Seminars for students at JL Crowe High School. Rotary Anns donated $1,300 for renovations to Kiro Manor.
1986 Local Rotary Clubs donated $3,500 towards purchase of Mobile Eye Unit for India.
1985 Rotary raised $15,000 seed money to help start a major extension construction project at Kiro Manor.
1984 District 5080 Conference held in Trail.
1983 Rex McMeekin District Governor of District 5080. A Charity auction was held as a fundraiser.
1982 Registered the Trail Elderly Citizens Housing Society as an initial step towards construction of Jubilee Manor. The unit has 35 self-contained apartments.
1980 Australian GSE Team visited Trail area. RYLA camps begun by District 5080 to commemorate Rotary International's 75th anniversary.
1978 Newspaper Bingo started as an important fundraiser.
1977 Trail Club celebrated 50th anniversary. The club had 85 members on this date.
1974 Derrill Thomas went to Australia with a GSE Team.
1973 Donated a park bench to Spokane Expo Park.
1972 Donated $5450 towards Extended Care Fresh Air Patio at Trail Regional Hospital
1971 Trail Rotarian Austin Fraser led a GSE Team to New Zealand.
1970 Rotary Anns celebrate 25th Anniversary.
1969 Kiro Manor dedicated July 4. Hosted Group Study Exchange Team from new Zealand.
1968 Kiro Manor construction started. Donated $15,000 to the project. Supplies lost in the flood. Assisted in "Flood Walk" on March 31. Assisted Canada Manpower in Career Exposition at Selkirk College.
1965 Sponsored Grand Forks Rotary Club. Society formed to build a Seniors Home(KIRO).
1962 Trail club first became involved in the Kiro Manor project with the Kiwanis Club.
1961 Text books sent to Fiji. Participated in Trail Festival.
1960 District Conference held in Trail. President of Rotary International visited the Trail Rotary Club on August 1.
1958 Home Show a successful fund raiser. Villa housing was completed.
1957 Hosted a Rotary Exchange team from New Zealand.
1956 Sponsored a Hungarian refugee family.
1955 Crown Point meeting room was flooded. Lost many Rotary items. Transferred nine Shavers Bench lots to Senior Citizens Villa Society and donated $8000. Tree Planting project began.
1954 Sponsored the Beaver Valley Rotary Club. First formal Rotary Charity Ball was held at the Trail Armories.
1953 Sponsored the Castlegar Rotary Club
1952 Trail Club 25th Anniversary. Offered nine Shavers bench lots to the Senior Citizens Village Society.
1951 Sponsored the Rossland Rotary Club. Raffled a chest of Silver Dollars.
1950 Sponsored the Rotary Club of Nakusp.
1948 Donated an Inhalator for use on the Castlegar Ferry.
1945 The Rotary Club Bulletin was born. A meeting was canceled to celebrate VJ day.
1946 The Trail Rotary Anns was officially organized. Lots at Shavers Bench were sold to the Government for construction of the Trail Armory.
1941 Radio station donated Friday nights for Rotarians to promote the sale of Victory Bonds to assist the war effort.
1940 Donated $3,648 to the Trail District Welfare Society.
1939 Donated $1000 to Meteorological Services of Canada to erect a balloon for smoke testing.
1938 Donated portable iron lung to the hospital.
1937 Purchased an Electrocardiograph for the hospital.
1936 Acquired 19 lots from Mr. Shaver for $600 and 32 lots from government for $160 in the area now called Shavers Bench.
1935 Sponsored a free Christmas Skating for children. Donated $1000 toward a Comfort Station at Cedar & Eldorado.
1933 Put on a free show for people at Rock Creek Relief Camp.
1931 Donated a pole, flag & playground to Butler Park.
1930 First major project: Building a Fresh Air Camp for children at Robson on land donated by Cominco.
1929 Donated a wading pool in Victoria Park. Land acquired from Consolidated Mining and Smelting in the Castlegar area for a FRESH AIR CAMP for mothers and children of Trail. Started practice of giving new fathers a baby cup -Ed Stiles first recipient.
1928 Initiated Misdemeanor Fines (Rackets), 10 cents for being late or calling a fellow Rotarian Mister.
1927 Charter Night dinner, June 10. Held Grand Carnival to raise money for children crippled by Polio. Trail Charter Date, April 20 Trail Club sponsored by the Nelson Club, first luncheon meeting March 29.

Paul Harris Fellows of the Trail Rotary Club
William (Bill) Clark, Lesley Gallie, Charles (Rick) Riley, Linda MacDermid, Clifford (Cliff) Krauss, Mac Phillips, Derek Evans-Davies, Peter Morgenthaler (Sapphire), Ed Nichols, Rex McMeekin, Forrest Drinnan, Richard Fish, George Swanson, Thorpe Watson, Joe Kobluk, Tim Pettigrew, Laurie Pettijohn, Bruce Fawcett, Elmer Verigin, Watler Smyth, Douwe Ybema

Past-Presidents of the Rotary Club of Trail
(DG indicates that they also served as District Governor)
Year Name
2007-08 John Palmason
2006-07 Leigh Harrison
2005-06 Jan Morton
2004-05 Lana Rodlie
2003-04 Raymond Masleck
2002-03 Elmer Verigin
2001-02 Elizabeth Cytra
2000-01 Richard Fish
1999-00 Dr. Bruce Fawcett
1998-99 Robin Bender
1997-98 Bill Clarke
1996-97 Tim Pettigrew
1995-96 Rick Riley
1994-95 Linda McDermid
1993-94 Brian Hemsworth
1992-93 Laurie Pettijohn
1991-92 Chris Moorhead
1990-91 Forrest Drinnan
1989-90 George Swanson
1988-89 Ole H. Sorenson
1987-88 Dennis E. Stach
1986-87 Thorpe Watson
1985-86 Doug H Magoon
1984-85 Jim P. Goodwin
1983-84 Cliff J. Krauss
1982-83 J.P. Kobluk
1981-82 D. Evans-Davies
1980-81 E.W. Nichols
1979-80 W.L.M. Phillips
1978-79 C.J. Mitchell
1977-78 E.M. Coleman
1976-77 W.P. Bolze
1975-76 Leo Soligo
1974-75 M.A. Martin
1973-74 W.H. Urquhart
1972-73 C.E. Price
1971-72 F.E. Scott
1970-71 G.R. McMeekin (DG 1983-84)
1969-70 E.G. Sweetnam
1968-69 J.H. Morris
1967-68 R.H. Brisco
1966-67 J.C. Yolland
1965-66 Fred Moffat
1964-65 Art Snowball
1963-64 J.R. Landucci
1962-63 W.K. Gwyer
1961-62 Jack Harris
1960-61 J.H.D. Hargrove
1959-60 O.A. Bergeron
1958-59 Fred Plaster
1957-58 J.C. Vipond (DG 1968-69)
1956-57 Hiller H. Mason
1955-56 Dr. Thomas J. Muir
1954-55 Fred W. Jackson
1953-54 James Atwell
1952-53 John W. Loader (DG 1959-60)
1951-52 Hubert W. Tutt
1950-51 J.L. Balleny
1949-50 J.R. Mills
1948-49 W.J. Bailey
1947-48 E.C. Aylen
1946-47 H. Radcliffe
1945-46 M.L. Brothers
1944-45 A.M. Chesser
1943-44 W. A. Curran
1942-43 B.A. Stimmel
1941-42 F. Mathews
1940-41 P.F. McIntyre
1939-40 Herb Clarke (DG 1947-48)
1938-39 F.S. Willis
1937-38 A.H. Carlson
1936-37 E.W. Diamond
1935-36 F. Edmunds
1934-35 R.C. Crowe
1933-34 S.S. McDiarmid
1932-33 George J. Kinnis
1931-32 W.A. Porteous
1930-31 Dr. C.W. Williams
1929-30 D. MacDonald
1928-29 Nobel Binns
1927-28 J. Buchanan